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Bike excursions in Salento

Bike excursions

The territory of Salento, almost entirely flat, is ideal for those who love exploring the surroundings on two wheels, perhaps without subjecting themselves to excessive physical effort in the warmest season. Cycling through it gives the impression of immersing oneself in a large natural park with short-distance land-sea routes that take us from the characteristic countryside to the coast, touching the most suggestive points of the coastline.

The natural landscape is relaxing and at the same time stimulating due to the variety of species and agricultural crops present. You can choose from the numerous existing “cycle paths” or use the extensive network of secondary roads, less traveled by cars. The excursion becomes more enjoyable and relaxing in this way.

If you prefer not to challenge yourself to reach Capo di Santa Maria di Leuca (about sixty kilometers from B&B Happy Days), there are charming destinations nearby from a naturalistic and environmental point of view. For example, you can head to the Ugento Coastal Nature Park where, among old fishing villages, aquatic fauna, coastal towers, and green areas, you can relax before reaching the nearest beaches such as Torre Mozza, Lido Marini, and others for a refreshing swim.

For mountain bike enthusiasts, a trip to Porto Selvaggio through the internal roads of the Park, up to the coastal towers and the beach, is very exciting. We are talking about a spectacular green area of 1200 hectares between pine forests, very rugged cliffs, and caves both above and underwater: a true paradise for snorkeling.

Heading north on a bike, you slowly ride along the beautiful coastal road towards Porto Cesareo. A few kilometers after Porto Selvaggio, you reach La Palude del Capitano with its characteristic collapsed caves where fresh water mixed with brackish water emerges, housing aquatic animals and very rare plant species. Right after, you arrive at Frascone, a natural context of rare beauty with low cliffs and small beaches that provide easy access to a dreamy sea.

Not even a kilometer ahead, you come across another beautiful sixteenth-century tower named  Sant’Isidoro. In front of the tower appears a small islet that stretches towards the sea, almost forming a natural pier that keeps the water in the bay always calm and tranquil like in a large swimming pool. From here, a stretch of coast characterized by large white sandy beaches and shallow waters begins. After less than 6 kilometers along the coast, you reach Porto Cesareo and its Marine Protected Area, which extends north for over 16,000 hectares up to the Punta Prosciutto dunes.

In case you prefer not to stray too far from B&B Happy Days, a bike visit to Nardò (5 km away) is a really nice way to temporarily leave behind the seaside context and head towards the beauty of the countryside and the charm of a historic center rich in art and culture. A few pedal strokes along the way to Nardò, you will encounter the so-called “eclectic villas”: there are about a dozen of them, built between the late 19th and early 20th centuries with “eccentric” architectural features: Art Nouveau, Moorish, Baroque. Some of them are open to visitors, while others are actual agricultural companies that sell their products. Few know that after World War II, a group of Jews who survived the Holocaust were hosted in these residences and in Santa Maria al Bagno to aid their recovery both physically and spiritually until the birth of the State of Israel in 1948.

Pedaling on for another three kilometers, you reach the historic center of Nardò and its 15th-century castle with the beautiful lover’s tower. The underground passages also await a visit, telling us about the harsh life of the people of Nardò. ruled for centuries by unscrupulous feudal lords. Nardò has been a Roman, Byzantine, Lombard, and Benedictine city. There are large baronial palaces with splendid portals dominating the many alleyways of the historic center where it is nice to immerse oneself. Beautiful, frescoed churches can be found, some with facades in carparo (white Lecce stone), monasteries, all the way to the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta which blends different architectural styles. Finally, you reach Piazza Salandra, known for its particular shape and the palaces facing it with the clock tower. In the center of the square stands the spire of the Immaculate Conception, which shines every morning with the first rays of the sun. The setting is of particular beauty and charm, inviting visitors to take a break, perhaps to taste local products and dishes.

Bike rental and bike tours, including for families, can be booked with specialized operators located in Santa Maria al Bagno and the surrounding areas.

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The strategic position of the B&B will allow you to easily reach the most beautiful beaches of the Salento / Ionian coast, such as Baia Verde, Punta della Suina, Punta Pizzo and the Maldives of Salento going down to Santa Maria di Leuca. Or the beautiful beaches of Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo and Punta Prosciutto to the north. In ten minutes by car you will arrive in Gallipoli which, with its restaurants and clubs, is the heart of the Salento nightlife; do not miss a visit to the splendid historic center of Nardò in Baroque style.
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