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BOAT TRIPS: Discover Gallipoli

Boat trip

An increasingly appreciated way  to enjoy the sea and the coast is by going on a boat trip. It is indeed a choice to escape from the daily beach or cliff life, changing the point of view and the way of experiencing the extraordinary beauty of the marine environment. The “sea view” offers us a perspective that allows us to better appreciate the white sand and the splendid Mediterranean vegetation of Punta Pizzo, or Porto Selvaggio with its park rich in lush woods, its coves, and the adjacent prehistoric caves of Uluzzo Bay. Great and appreciated is the opportunity to swim where the waters are crystal clear, and the seabed is most surprising, a true paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. A visit and a refreshing swim at the beautiful Islet of Sant’Andrea add great value to a trip along the waters of Gallipoli.

The view from the sea of the city walls of the historic center of Gallipoli is very striking. The beautiful sensation is even clearer at sunset when the sun’s rays cut through the water’s surface and disappear on the distant hills of Calabria. The sunset aperitif on the boat is particularly appreciated by visitors.

In recent years, specialized operators in this sector have grown both in diversification and in the quality of the offer. There are opportunities for boat trips to suit all needs: full or half day, or a sunset excursion with an aperitif on board.

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The strategic position of the B&B will allow you to easily reach the most beautiful beaches of the Salento / Ionian coast, such as Baia Verde, Punta della Suina, Punta Pizzo and the Maldives of Salento going down to Santa Maria di Leuca. Or the beautiful beaches of Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo and Punta Prosciutto to the north. In ten minutes by car you will arrive in Gallipoli which, with its restaurants and clubs, is the heart of the Salento nightlife; do not miss a visit to the splendid historic center of Nardò in Baroque style.
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