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Free time in Gallipoli

Holiday is “free time” that we dedicate to ourselves!

The most reputable research on holidays and free time agrees on a key-point: if planned in too much detail, activities are less satisfying. In fact, it is quite clear that the too rigid organization of the time we reserve for ourselves ends up undermining its free nature.

On holiday, the key to enjoying every moment available is to live it in an intense, varied and spontaneous way. Calendar and clock almost don’t have to exist, allowing soul and mind to detach from the habit and repetitiveness of the daily frenzy.

Not all territorial contexts are functional to the search for relaxation. Therefore, it is a main condition that the places we choose for our stay offer a “menu” of opportunities as varied and complete as possible. Even though we are aware that we cannot do everything that is offered to us, but the diversity of options allows us to select, freely and easily, what is best suited to us.

If this is our goal, Salento presents itself as an ideal destination. Even if we avoid to attribute to South Apulia a label of exclusivity, it is easy to recognize its wealth of opportunities. The two seas, different but also very close to each other, make a remarkable range of options possible. We do not feel “obliged” to just sunbathe or/and swim in the same sea.


The Salento region offers beautiful beaches and historic centers with a long tradition and history. With short distances and a lot of curiosity, it is possible to discover a wide range of small gems of art and culture: Lecce, Gallipoli, Otranto, Galatina, and Nardò. Or “Masseria” fortified farms, capable of a Community life story-telling  that is less known. At least a dozen of these Masseria is truly unmissable in the Nardò-Gallipoli area.

There are also natural parks, protected areas, and landscapes of exciting beauty. Immersed in their territorial expanse, they are extremely easy and relaxing for the visitor. Just think of Porto Selvaggio, Alimini lakes or Ugento wet area. In another section of this blog, the opportunities for trekking and cycling are detailed.

Finally, gastronomy: a common thread that unites all these contexts. Whether you are on the beach or around parks or villages, local food and drink specialties are a great opportunity for a traditional break. From octopus to “frisella” (double cooked bread with fresh tomatoes, basilic and olive oil), from vegetables to seasonal fruits, there is plenty to indulge in tasting flavors that tell us an important part of the Salento world. Not to mention the typical cakes and wines, other tasty specialties that deserve a try.

In conclusion, if we want to make the most of our free time, we must abandon the rigidity of schedules and routines. Let’s choose, instead, a rich stay that allows us to savor every moment of the vacation. An ideal place? Salento, a territory of beauty, good food, and culture! The B&B Happy Days Golfo di Gallipoli, thanks to its strategic location between beautiful beaches and main communication routes, truly makes a 360-degree vacation possible.

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The strategic position of the B&B will allow you to easily reach the most beautiful beaches of the Salento / Ionian coast, such as Baia Verde, Punta della Suina, Punta Pizzo and the Maldives of Salento going down to Santa Maria di Leuca. Or the beautiful beaches of Porto Cesareo, Torre Lapillo and Punta Prosciutto to the north. In ten minutes by car you will arrive in Gallipoli which, with its restaurants and clubs, is the heart of the Salento nightlife; do not miss a visit to the splendid historic center of Nardò in Baroque style.
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